Yoga FLOW Bum Shorts

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Vanish Shorts Front.jpg
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Yoga FLOW Bum Shorts

20.00 30.00

LIMITED Sizes Available:

1 x small

1 x medium

1 x large

1 x XL

EcoPoly, Canadian manufactured fabric.  88% polyester/12% spandex.

Vivid print that will never fade after washing. Ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wears.

Shipping $5 extra in Canada.  International shipping on individual basis

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Size Small = Size 4-6 US Standard measurements

Size Medium = 8-10 US Standard measurements

Size Large = 12-14 US Standard measurements

Size XL = 16 US Standard measurements


**If unsure, go up a size.  Compression fit can feel "snug" the first few wears.