Know Your FLOW, Grow Your FLOW, Show Your FLOW

I just celebrated my 35th birthday this past June.  I’m a Gemini. The zodiac with the split (multi?) personality that includes: indecisiveness, changing their mind as often as the sun comes up and whose career (life) path is more like a bowl of stuck-together-spaghetti, than a linear line of sausage links. 

I’m hoping THIS IS MY YEAR when I finally decide what I want to be when I grow up.  So far, I’ve held the following jobs: cashier, dinner theatre actress, landscaper, retail gal, bagel baker, professional traveler, massage therapist, Teacher’s assistant, nude model for NSCAD drawing classes, trade officer, manager of research, executive assistant to the minister of business and artist/entrepreneur.  There’s not much consistency there, other than being TOTALLY consistent with my personality.  Can’t I just do everything????

I’m currently in transition mode.  Did you know that 2017 is the Age of Aquarius? (Insert sing along with “The Fifth Dimension”).  Some “alright-but-maybe-not-true-cosmic-new-age-website” says, “The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. We are each being asked to make a choice. We can cling to the old outdated values or adopt the new evolving ones. Our happiness and peace depends on our choice and the change will take place whether we like it or not.”  Much like when I read my horoscope, or fortune cookie, I’ll accept this “fact” only because I’m feelin’ it and (want to) believe it to be true. 

You may remember from my first blog that this change for me (whether I liked it or not) was a medical issue with my ear, that led to leaving that final job as an EA to pursue a career as an artist/entrepreneur.

When I started this creative adventure, I had no idea it would also evolve into a yoga line.  My FLOW series products seemed like such a natural transition – I was a “flow”, or “fluid” artist, a yoga doer and dreamer and adorer of pretty, local and unique things. Tah-DAH! I spent months researching, sampling and experimenting with companies and products, until I found just the right thing.

My FLOW yoga mats are eco-friendly, grippy, lustrous creatures that await your practice.  They come in THREE designs and promise to bring a smile to your face when you root those darling little toes of yours into the soft, vibrant fabric.  They are printed in my home city of Halifax, too!

My FLOW leggings are Canadian made (even the fabric is manufactured here!), eco-friendly, high-quality, compression-fit, skin kissers that even come with custom KHA tags. The tags spell out my FLOW series mantra: “Know your FLOW, Grow your FLOW, Show your FLOW”.  FLOW is representative of your individual essence and soul-spirit.  What makes you, you! Your groove, jive, being, energy, chi, self – the thing that tells you what to be when you grow up. 

1.       Knowing your FLOW is a valuable tool.  It can help guide you through decision making and which path to pursue.  Knowing what drives, motivates and inspires you can help in developing your best self.  Achieving peace and happiness can result from spending time answering even the most basic questions about yourself:  What do you crave more of? What makes you feel invigorated? What memory is the most cherished? What’s the best and second best day of your life?

2.       Growing your FLOW is to work on the characteristics that shape us.  If we know that we need alone time, or enjoy hiking, or cooking, or playing Mario Kart – make the time! This is sounding a little “self-helpy” but personal growth doesn’t stop at a certain age, or experience.  Let yourself evolve!

3.       Showing your FLOW is being yourself in the world.  Being comfortable in your own skin and confident in who you have grown to be.  Show yourself off! We all have these tiny and ginourmousgifts to share with each other.  Maybe you’re good at magic tricks, or playing the spoons.  Maybe you’re a great listening, whistler, travel companion, planner, bowler, blowing-onto-a-blade-of-grass-and-making-a-loud-noise-maker...Show that shit off, babes!

Knowing my flow meant accepting that I thrive on change. I need to accept that I am transitioning now, and may just do so all over again at any point in time.  Each time this transition period evolves, I need to grow that part of myself and work on new skills, acceptance and self-care.  Part of showing off this new phase of life is sharing the experience with you - creating new images and items that reflect my FLOW and hoping that you feel that energy within them. I want to give and make you feel loved!

What’s your FLOW???