The "Good Deed" Share

When I was in University, my two pals Megan and Tara Paull bought me a plane ticket to Ottawa to come visit them.  I couldn’t afford the visit myself, but they generously bought my return flight, simply because we missed each other.  I still remember how excited I felt and how much I appreciated the gesture.  

When my Ma was in the hospital after her first cancer surgery, my car broke down.  My childhood BFF Elizabeth GAVE me hers. When I told her I didn’t know how long I would need it, she said “you can drive it to Mexico if you need to.” I still remember how I felt that day too. 

When my husband left me a treasure hunt of “x’s and o’s” scattered around our first home, constructed of materials ranging from guitars and belts to apples and hammers, my heart skipped a beat. I remember that feeling often!

Good deeds and random acts of kindness are simple and beautiful ways to add some softness, smiles and, well, memories to the world.  They don’t have to cost anything, or take a lot of time and promise to make a positive impact. 

Maybe you share a secret recipe, or take an elderly darling to the race track, or play hide and seek with a kid at a park (maybe that one’s creepy? I don’t have kids, so this is a wild-card example).  There are endless examples of “being nice”. We should share them! I even found a whole section of books at the Halifax Central Library on inspiring acts of gratitude and kindness.  Lots of resources, if you need them!

I am fortunate to be an artist.  I love painting.  I also love EVERY SINGLE happy-ending animal story that fills all of my social media feeds.  I cry regularly at these adorable stories of rescues and love.  It makes me FEEL. I think we can agree that the world has enough "Bad-ens" (as my Grandfather used to say) already.  Holding hands and opening doors for others doesn’t seem to get old though, does it?

I thought I would merge these LOVES and hopefully inspire some fuzzy-feel-goods in MY act of kindness.  I challenge/encourage you to perform a good deed/act of kindness and in exchange, I’ll make you a painting of whatever you like! Well…I am an abstract painter, so if you want a horse or a lighthouse, I can’t make any promises ;)

Here are the details

You have ONE MONTH (September 1- September 30) to execute a “good deed” 

This good deed can be anything you feel inspired to do! Be creative :)

Share your good deed story on my KHA FB page (pictures and videos are absolutely encouraged!). This will create a record that I can reference, and some "good-ens" that we can all enjoy together! I know some of you might feel shy to share this type of story about yourself. It’s ok to be proud of wonderful things that you do!! BUT, if you witness a good deed performed by someone else, you can absolutely share that story too.

At the end of September, I will select the top 5 finalists. 

These 5 finalists will appear in a survey on my KHA FB page (on October 1); All of you can vote for your favourite. 

The winner will be announced on Thanksgiving Day (October 9, 2017). 

This magical person will win a custom painting of ANY SIZE THEY WANT. That’s right – you pick the size, colours and inspiration for your custom piece. (Keep in mind, the maximum dimensions my studio allows is 36”x48”). 

*Yes, I will ship should the winner be out of province (shipping fee to be paid by winner). 

I invite you to share this opportunity with your friends and network – that equals more good deeds in the world! 


Good luck, Good energy, Good karma, Good deed xo