Halifax, Nova Scotia based artist Kristen Herrington expresses her daydreams through the unpredictable movement of fluid acrylics.  Capturing inspiration from her oceanside surroundings and colourful imagination, Kristen seeks to share with her audience a glimpse of a mystical world beyond that of reality. 

With a background in political philosophy, Kristen studied, what she titled, the artist’s “thing”; the place inside each of us that drives and encourages creativity. Through a series of interviews of Halifax based artists, she sought to explain, from a variety of perspectives, how the “thing” could be described and influenced. Kristen’s most recent works reflect a true interpretation and expression of her own “thing.” 

Each piece is uniquely crafted and cared for, with the intent of providing a whimsical adventure for her audience’s senses. 


I believe that art is a vehicle to escape life’s predictability and allows entry into a sea of the unknown and unexpected.  Using primarily fluid acrylic mediums, there are no lines to draw inside! I encourage you all to calm your mind, push your boundaries and permit your true self - your "thing" - to flow.  

I wish to share an escape, a daydream, an adventure of sorts.  I invite my audience to drift into a playful space, surrounded by wonder and imagination.  My abstract creations are under constant evolution and experiment, much like my days spent here with you. 

The Dream

Have you ever been to a meditation, or yoga class and the instructor asks you to "find your place of calm"? For me, this used to impose a sense of panic.  "I don't have a place!! That's why I'm here!"

I took a trip to Central America years ago, and found myself perched atop a mountain in rural Guatemala. I was looking down at Lago Atitlan; rumored to be lined with quartz crystals and amplified spirituality. My breath was calm and regular - so much so, I didn't need to remind myself of this desired rhythm.  The sun was warm, and I could pinpoint the moment its rays started to soak into my skin.  It smelled of fresh fruit and flowers and Spanish-speaking children were laughing in the distance.  My only task that day, was to be there. To be in my place of calm. I had found it!

My ambition behind painting is rooted in a longer-term goal.  I wish to return to Central America to reconnect with this feeling and place.  I wish to give back to the communities that provided me with luster and guidance. Each piece is designed with this love and dreaminess within...I hope you can feel it too...xx